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Ten in the Chamber, Box Set
Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise
King of the Dead by Joseph Nassise
Dark Solstice by N.P. Martin
Infernal Justice Series by NP Martin
Infernal Justice by N.P. Martin
Blood Summoned by NP Martin
Death Dealers by N.P. Martin
Black Mirror by N.P. Martin
Hell Patrol by N.P. Martin
Infernal Vengeance by N.P. Martin
Blackstar by N.P. Martin
The Shadow Enforcer by N.M. Thorn
Twisted Scars by Natalie J. Reedy
Crown of Conspiracy, Kara S. Weaver
Dance of Despair by Kara S. Weaver
Whispers of War by Kara S. Weaver
The Dragonaxi Challenge by Leslie E. Heath
A Dragon's Gift by Leslie E. Heath
Trimarked by C.K. Sorens
Embers of Aloessia by Nicholas Gagnier
The Phantom Fires by Nicholas Gagnier
Ides of the Unearthed by N. Gagnier
Rise of the Mad God by Nicholas Gagnier
Mercy Road by Nicholas Gagnier
Founding Fathers by Nicholas Gagnier
Dead's Haven by Nicholas Gagnier
Olivia & Hale by Nicholas Gagnier
The Crashing Star by Nicholas Gagnier
Killer Instinct by Ciara Delahunt
Trials of the Guardians by S.L.Richardson
Mark of Orion by S. L. Richardson
Light of Orion by S.L. Richardson
Black Hollow by Myria Candies
The Bitter Taste by Myria Candies
Ocean Heart by Ally Aldridge
Agent Undone by Cassidy Reyne
Never Date a Siren by Byrd Nash
A Study in Spirits by Byrd Nash
Bane of Hounds by Byrd Nash
The Wicked Wolves of Windsor
Knight of Cups by Byrd Nash
Serpent Son by N.P. Martin
Dark Son by N.P. Martin
Rising Son by N.P. Martin
the Fire Salamander Series Box Set
the Fire Salamander Series Box Set 2
The Burns Fire by N.M.Thorn
The Burns War by N.M.Thorn
The Burns Defiance by N.M.Thorn
The Burns Codex by N.M. Thorn
The Burns Enigma by N.M. Thorn
The Burns Destiny by N.M. Thorn
Ascend by Maya Nicole
Descend by Maya Nicole
Transcend by Maya Nicole
The Gifted Complex by L.D. Valencia
The Burns Conflict by L.D. Valencia
The Zero Crisis by L.D. Valencia
Heists & Headstones
Sorceress of Truth by J.D. Groom
Song of Shadows by Kara S
Strange Worlds by Jennifer Ridge
Character Illustration by Brennalane.Art
Winter of the Fallen, S.C. Braudrick
Blood Magic by N.P. Martin
Blood Debtby N.P. Martin
Blood Cult by N.P. Martin
Blood Demon by N.P. Martin
Princess of the Elves by R.L. Medina
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The Burns Codex by N.M. Thorn