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eBook Cover Portfolio


The Shadow Wrath by N.M. Thorn
Path of Prophecy by Kara S
Gathering the Dead by L.A
Breach of Magic by M.D. Massey
Infernum by N.P
Ghosts of the Bayou by JJ Lynn Daniels
Sea Of Wraith  by JJ Lynn Daniels
Blood Moon by M.D. Massey
Fastening the Grave by L.A. McBride
Threading the Bones by L.A. McBride
Stitching the Talisman by L.A. McBride
The Heart of Neverland by Natalie J. Reddy
Gilded Entrapment by Blake Ironmore
Gilded Ruins by Blake Ironmore
Hunt for Orion by S.L. Richardson
The Shadow Sacrifice by N.M. Thorn
The Shadow Curse by N.M
The Shadow Choice by N.M. Thorn
the Shadow Supremacy by N.M. Thorn
Green Gryphon by J.S. Kennedy
Green Mage by J.S. Kennedy
Soulborn by Kara S. Weaver
The Forest Witch by Britt Laux
The Shadow Twin by Britt Laux
Songs of the Deep
The Sorcerers Calling by Lexi Ostrow
Shadows of the Circus by J.D. Groom
A Poppit Full of Curses by Gigi L. Greene
Liar by Nicola Lowe
The Reckoning by Blake Ironmore
The Avenging Fae Archives
The Shroud Saga by N. Gagnier
Diary of a Vampire Hunter by A.R. Broxham
Technikron by Nicholas Gagnier
The Fair Queen by Lyndsey Hall
The Solitary King by Lyndsey Hall
Skirting the Void by Willem Killian
Order of the Light by Willem Killian
Embracing the Void by Liam Starker
Let The Night In By Liam Starker
Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise
King of the Dead by Joseph Nassise
Reaper’s Game
Deadson Confidential by N.P. Martin
Death Cult by N.P. Martin
Dragon Blood by N.P. Martin
Leviathan by Nicholas Gagnier
Underworld Earth by Nicholas Gagnier
Atlas by Nicholas Gagnier
Apocalypse by Nicholas Gagnier
The Shadow Enforcer by N.M. Thorn
The Shadow Deception by N.M. Thorn
the Shadow Paradox by N.M. Thorn
The Shadow Storm by N.M. Thorn
Ten in the Chamber, Box Set
Saving Her by Cassidy Reyne
Saving Him by Cassidy Reyne
Saving Lives by Cassidy Reyne
Saving Innocence by Cassidy Reyne
Saving Dignity by Cassidy Reyne
Twisted Scars by Natalie J. Reedy
Deadly Scars by Natalie Reddy
Insidious Scars by Natalie J. Reddy
Trimarked by C.K. Sorens
Afflicted by C.K. Sorens
Dark Solstice by N.P. Martin
Infernal Justice Series by NP Martin
Infernal Justice by N.P. Martin
Blood Summoned by NP Martin
Death Dealers by N.P. Martin
Black Mirror by N.P. Martin
Hell Patrol by N.P. Martin
Infernal Vengeance by N.P. Martin
Blackstar by N.P. Martin
The Dragonaxi Challenge by Leslie E. Heath
Embers of Aloessia by Nicholas Gagnier
The Phantom Fires by Nicholas Gagnier
Ides of the Unearthed by N. Gagnier
Rise of the Mad God by Nicholas Gagnier
A Dragon's Gift by Leslie E. Heath
The Crashing Star by Nicholas Gagnier
Mercy Road by Nicholas Gagnier
Founding Fathers by Nicholas Gagnier
Dead's Haven by Nicholas Gagnier
Olivia & Hale by Nicholas Gagnier
Mark of Orion by S. L. Richardson
Trials of the Guardians by S.L.Richardson
Light of Orion by S.L. Richardson
Black Hollow by Myria Candies
The Bitter Taste by Myria Candies
Ocean Heart by Ally Aldridge
Agent Undone by Cassidy Reyne
Never Date a Siren by Byrd Nash
A Study in Spirits by Byrd Nash
Bane of Hounds by Byrd Nash
The Wicked Wolves of Windsor
Knight of Cups by Byrd Nash
Serpent Son by N.P. Martin
Dark Son by N.P. Martin
Rising Son by N.P. Martin
the Fire Salamander Series Box Set
the Fire Salamander Series Box Set 2
The Burns Fire by N.M.Thorn
The Burns War by N.M.Thorn
The Burns Defiance by N.M.Thorn
The Burns Codex by N.M. Thorn
The Burns Enigma by N.M. Thorn
The Burns Destiny by N.M. Thorn
Ascend by Maya Nicole
Descend by Maya Nicole
Transcend by Maya Nicole
Heists & Headstones
Sorceress of Truth by J.D. Groom
Song of Shadows by Kara S
Blood Magic by N.P. Martin
Blood Debtby N.P. Martin
Blood Cult by N.P. Martin
Blood Demon by N.P. Martin
Strange Worlds by Jennifer Ridge
Winter of the Fallen, S.C. Braudrick
The Gifted Complex by L.D. Valencia
The Burns Conflict by L.D. Valencia
The Zero Crisis by L.D. Valencia
The Heart Paradox by L.D. Valencia
Princess of the Elves by R.L. Medina
Goblin King by R.L. Medina
Fae War by R. L. Medina
Augur of Shadows by Jacob Rundle
A Man's World by Kate Merchant
Winter's Dawn by Kate Merchant
The Adventure Begin by Kate Merchant
New Direction by Kate Merchant
True North by Kate Merchant
Midnight Whispers B2 by L.K. Latham
Self Defense Solutions
Combatives Instruction
Self Defense Tips
The Self Defense and Combatives Omnibus
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