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3 Simple Approaches for How to Promote a Book on Facebook

how to promote a book on Facebook

It’s no secret in the world of modern advertising that social media platforms are a huge boon for businesses. For those who write, publish, and distribute books, this is especially true. Facebook, in particular, is designed with authors in mind when it comes to promoting material. Here’s how to promote a book on Facebook in three easy approaches:

1. Author’s Pages

An author’s page on Facebook is a great way to reach out to and stay in touch with readers, fans, and other industry contacts. How does it work? A page is created that is dedicated solely to an author and their work. The author themselves or their representative uses the page to provide updates on new works, information about releases and promotions, upcoming event details and appearance dates, and much more. With this direct access, fans are able to follow the moves of the authors they love, all from a social media platform they’re already using.

The best part about an author’s page? They’re free to create and maintain! While Facebook does require fees for increasing the potential trial reach of your page by creating advertising opportunities, you can feasibly create and curate your page without ever spending a dime. Now, that’s cost-effective advertisement!

2. Readers’ Groups

Facebook groups are another effective way for like-minded people to gather, socialize, share ideas, and vocalize thoughts and feelings. These groups can spring from almost any kind of shared experience or interest, and they’re especially helpful for authors. Since readers often love to discuss what they’re currently devouring during their quiet time, these groups give the public a place to do exactly that. Think of it like an online book club that readers can join and participate in without ever leaving their homes! Best of all, the participation in these groups can range from sporadic to nearly-constant, all depending on the participants. It’s a great way to keep interest and visibility up for authors while inspiring ongoing excitement and anticipation for future projects.

3. Facebook Advertising

Advertisements on Facebook works much like advertisements in any other public space. You choose the promotional package you’d like, pay for your advertisement space, and watch your returns increase. However, Facebook has the added benefit of being a platform that reaches billions of people every day - and which most of your target audience is almost guaranteed to have access to.

When determining how to promote a book on Facebook, ask yourself whether traditional advertisements are the best approach for your target audience. Older audiences respond well to these, while younger consumers want something that feels fresh. Weigh these options when deciding how much to invest in traditional advertising through Facebook.

For more information on how to promote a book on Facebook, contact the industry experts at They can help you understand the finer points of using social media to your advantage, so your content can get more views and your readership can continue to grow.

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