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Using Social Media Marketing Images to Reach and Keep Your Audience

When to comes to marketing, image is everything. More specifically, the type of images a company or advertiser use is critical when it comes to catching and holding consumer attention.

Think of some of America’s favorite and most recognizable brands. The imagery they use in their logos and advertising are some of the most iconic in history, all because they first resonated with audiences. You don’t have to be a big business player to put imagery to work for you, though. Here, we examine a few of the ways independent authors and business owners can use social media marketing images to create a successful ad campaign and promote their work.

The Importance of Good Imagery

The adage that a picture is “worth a thousand words” might never be truer than in the world of promotion and advertisement. Don’t just take or choose great photos to advertise with. Choose images that send a message in a single glance and that truly promote what your content is about. Remember, these will be the images your readers or consumers associate with you for months or even years to come. Invest in them accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Images: What to Use and How

Where and how you use images on social media for promotion is as important as which images you choose, if not more so. You want the photos or artwork you choose to have the maximum possible impact, so be sure to understand these key elements before sharing:

  • Timing. When you share an image may have an impact on how many people see it and its potential to be shared.

  • Platform. Certain social media sites are better geared toward sharing than others. Be sure to promote with imagery on sites where the share feature is widely used.

  • Audience. Some social media platforms have more youthful audiences or user bases populated with more forward-thinking users. Choose one of these if your imagery is controversial or provocative – and always be sure to stay within the guidelines and regulations of the site you’re working with.

Keeping Your Images Legal

It’s important to understand the impact of copyright regarding any images you share in social media before proceeding with your promotional campaign. Using imagery that isn’t yours or hasn’t been released for your use can land you with some pretty serious penalties. To avoid these, ensure that:

  • The image you are using is yours or that you have explicit permission to use it

  • You have permission from all persons visible in the photo to use their image or likeness in your campaign

  • Proper credit is given to photographers, artists, and anyone else involved in creating and distributing the image

  • If an image belongs to you and you don’t want it reused or distributed, you register for a U.S copyright

These steps will keep you and everyone else involved in creating your social media imagery within the guidelines of the law.

Still need help figuring out what kind of social media marketing images are best for promoting your work? Contact the professionals here at 4 Step Studio / Original Book Cover Designs. We can help independent authors and small business owners alike develop the kind of eye-catching, engaging imagery that will yield maximum impact on social media – and keep consumers coming back for more of what you do. Contacts us today to learn more!

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