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How to Run a Successful Giveaway for Your Next Book Release

how to run a successful giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway event. They’re a great tool for building excitement and driving up audience engagement. This is especially true for independent authors who are trying to promote their newest releases. If you’re looking for a great way to up the enthusiasm surrounding your upcoming release, consider a book giveaway. Not sure how to handle it? Here’s how to run a successful giveaway – and see great sales because of it!

Before and After

One of the best tips you’ll find for how to run a successful giveaway around your book launch is to do it twice. Yes, that’s right – two is better than one, in this case.

The key is to time the two giveaways right for maximum impact. The first should be help approximately a month before your book release. This will help to build hype around your release and give consumers a reason to pay attention to the date. After all, who doesn’t love a freebie?

Hosting a second giveaway – and advertising the fact that it will be held during the week of your release or shortly afterward – will give potential readers a reason to tune in and pay attention to your release date. Again, everyone loves a giveaway. Incorporating one into your promotion for your book only makes sense - and doing it twice is even better!

Balance Generosity with Business Sense

Obviously, the more copies of your book you can offer for free, the more potential readers you can make happy. The more readers you can get your work in front of – even if it’s for free – the bigger your reader base will be.

However, it’s important to balance this generosity with good business practices. Giving away all of your work for free will prevent you from profiting, and this obviously isn’t an option for independent authors. Consider advertising the number of copies you’ll be giving away so that potential readers understand those quantities are limited, but they have several chances to win. This will keep them coming back to participate and drive your hype through the roof – all while losing out on relatively little profit.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Want to know how to run a successful giveaway for your book release? Promote it. Talk about it. Let everyone know what you’re doing. Without advertisement, your potential readers will have no way of knowing that you’re hosting a giveaway. They won’t show up for livestreams, they won’t participate in real-time polls – they can’t be part of the action unless you announce that action ahead of time!

If you need help advertising your book release giveaway, contact the industry experts at 4 Step Studio | Original Book Cover Designs. We’ve seen our fair share of indie book releases – and helped with many of them, too! Whether you’re hoping to boost your book release sales or simply improve reader interest in your work, well show you how to run a successful giveaway for your work – and how to realize major benefits because of it!

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