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Using Instagram to Promote Your Work as an Independent Author

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the relatively short time it has been available. Much younger than sites like Facebook and Twitter, the site is run exclusively through mobile applications and is based primarily on the sharing of images as a way of communicating thoughts and ideas.

Businesses of all sizes and types have been using Instagram to market their products almost since its inception, and perhaps no type of entrepreneur is better suited to this type of promotion than the independent author. With relatively few people on your marketing team, you often have to be your own promoter, and where better to do so than on a social media platform where so many of your prospective readers are already spending time?

Here is our brief guide to making use of Instagram for authors in the indie world:

Why Use Instagram for Authors: It’s Where Your Readers Are

The biggest tip any new indie author could give another in terms of marketing their work is to go where the readers are. Books don’t market themselves, and when you’re a small operation, you don’t have access to the tools needed to reach wide audiences. Make your reach as wide as possible and as relevant to the demographics you’re seeking as it can be by using platforms like Instagram to reach the potential readers you’re hoping to find. They’re already there, just waiting to see your posts!

Keep the Hype Alive with Artwork Previews

Nothing gets people excited for your next release like visuals. When you have gorgeous artwork or stunning photography gracing your book’s cover, it only makes sense to make debuting that art its own event. With Instagram, you have the perfect platform for an image release promotion. Just pick a date, upload your artwork, and be ready to bask in the likes and comments you receive as your followers and fans enjoy the preview.

Make Yourself more Relatable to Your Readers with Photos of Your Life

Today’s consumers want to know that the celebrities they follow – even small-scale ones like indie authors who are just starting out – are human, just like them. One way to give them the sense of relatability that they’re searching for from you is to offer up snapshots of your life for their enjoyment.

These photos don’t have to be deeply personal; your viewers just need to think they are. Consider sharing something from your “writing process”, such as what you like to eat, where you like to write, or what your daily ritual is before writing. Your fans will feel like they got a glimpse into your personal world, while you get to maintain your privacy – a win-win situation.

Ready to learn more about using Instagram for authors?

Contact us here at 4 Step Studio / Original Book Cover Designs. We can show you how to harness the power and popularity of this social platform to benefit your business – and get your books in front of more readers!

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