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Deciding Between Custom and Premade Book Covers for Indie Authors

As an indie author, you have a lot to think about when publishing. You’re often your own designer, so deciding what kind of artwork or layout you’d like for your book is a major decision. Even if you’re planning on publishing exclusively to digital formats, your book’s cover still gives your readers something to look at, an image with which to identify your work, as well as vital information about what is inside.

Should you choose a fully-customized cover design or opt for premade book covers? Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each can help you decide – as can your individual needs as an author. Here’s more information about this important choice, as well as some helpful tips for making the right selection yourself.

The Difference in Custom and Premade Book Covers

The most obvious difference between custom and premade book covers is that the former is typically made to the author’s or publishers’ specifications. These covers are often elaborate, detailed, and highly relevant to the book’s contents. They may also vary depending on the issue or edition of the book, making these each collectible to readers or fans.

Premade book covers are usually offered to authors in a gallery style, from which they can select. They may come in a variety of styles, or only a few simple layouts. These covers are not typically as ornate or detailed, and usually do not relate directly to the contents of the book. They are more timeless and traditional in style, so that they are versatile enough to be used by almost any author and work.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these choices. Custom-made book covers are certainly beautiful and content-oriented, but they are also much more expensive. They may also involve ongoing royalties that will be due to the artists involved, incurring additional expenses down the road.

A premade book cover will be less detailed and perhaps less aesthetically appealing in that respect but is also significantly cheaper. Their designs are usually offered royalty-free, meaning they only have to be paid for once.

Why Premade Book Covers are a Smart Choice for Indie Authors

Most authors have an initial desire to have a custom book cover for every title they publish. And who could blame them? We all want to express our ideas in ways that are unique to us. However, there are many reasons why indie authors ultimately decide to go with premade book covers.

Most indie authors have limited budgets with which to work. This makes selecting a premade cover a great choice. Premade book designs are far less expensive so the author can save their funds to use on other aspects of publishing and promotion. What’s more, today’s premade designs are attractive, versatile, and a good starting point for someone who is just beginning their publishing career.

For more information about premade book covers, talk to the industry experts here at Original Book Cover Designs. We can help you choose the right design to give your book the look it needs to top off your already-excellent content!

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