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The Importance of Professional Cover Design for Boosting Your Book Sales

Professional Cover Design

You're finishing up a book, and you feel like you've covered all the important details (aside from the writing, of course). You've found a great editor, and you feel confident about your digital marketing efforts – there’s so much to do to create a great product that people want to read. However, one element some writers forget to give their attention to is professional cover design. Without it, your potential readers may never pick up your book in the first place!

Think of your book cover as a billboard for your book’s contents. When someone sees your cover, they need to know what your work is about and what to expect from reading it – as well as be convinced to give it a chance. In that sense, your cover is also a salesman, pitching your project to everyone who searched the Amazon eBooks.

Here’s what you need to know about utilizing professional cover design to improve your sales and grow your reader base in the coming year:

Interesting Covers Appeal to Wider Audiences

How many times have you grabbed a book off the library or bookstore shelf simply because it looks cool? From bold, bright colors to graphic text and interesting images, we’ve all fallen for a book’s cover before. Rather than “judging” a book by its cover, this typically boils down to finding images that resonate with us as people or pique our interest in the subject matter and story. Focus on visuals first when creating your design.

Professional Cover Design Gives You Credibility

People are careful about giving authors without credibility a chance. While that may sound harsh, can you yourself imagine giving your time or even money to an up and coming author who didn’t invest time and budget into creating a gorgeous cover for their work? If so, you’re in the minority; most audiences see professional cover design as a mark of professional-level writing skill, even if the two aren’t correlated. Show off your expertise without saying an additional word with a great-looking cover!

Understandable Covers Hold Interest Long Enough to Sell Your Story

While many authors are quick to want to create eye-catching covers with dazzling details, readability is still the most important factor in a great cover. If your cover is not readable, no one is likely to give it more than a passing glance – and if they do, they’re not likely to put the work required into deciphering what it says!

To create a great cover, consider these factors for your text:

  • Color contrast

  • Font

  • Text size

  • Readable language for those in your target audience

When you can check off all these boxes in a cover design, you can be sure that it will be easy enough to read – and to fall in love with from first sight!

Looking for help with professional cover design for your next project? Contact the industry experts at With the right direction, you can develop a design that captures your reader’s attention and gets your book into their cart and onto their shelf!

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