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How Marketing Through Facebook Groups Works for Today’s Indie Authors

marketing through Facebook groups

Most people know that Facebook can be used for advertising. It only makes sense; as the largest and most widely-used social media platform worldwide, it creates a great potential audience for advertisers of any product. Almost every target market is on Facebook. For independent writers, that means readers and potential readers.

How can you connect with your reader base as an independent author? Facebook and other social media platforms provide a great opportunity. Facebook groups are perhaps the most valuable tool a writer can use to connect with their readers and advertise in a way that feels organic and experiential. Here’s how:

What Facebook Groups Do for Writers

What is a Facebook group? Unlike a Facebook business page, groups are less formal and more conversational. These online gathering places allow members to post status updates, thoughts, polls or questions, and generally engage in discussion with others. Think of it like the forums of yesteryear in the early days of the internet – just a whole lot more moderated and organized!

This offers big benefits for indie writers. How? Today’s readers – and consumers of all kinds, for that matter – want to interact with the people who produce their favorite content. They want to experience these interactions, rather than just feeling as if they are being marketed to. Modern readers love being able to dialogue with their favorite authors, asking them questions or getting what they feel is an inside look at their creative process.

With Facebook groups, all of that is possible. It’s also easy for both the writer and their fans and followers to access. Simply set up a Facebook group, choose a privacy setting, and begin posting and enjoying conversations between members. You can moderate membership or let anyone who is interested join in the fun. That much is entirely up to you.

Marketing Through Facebook Groups

So, how does marketing through Facebook groups work? Think of the way you often hear about new products you want to try. It’s likely not from advertisements, but rather from other people who have tried and love the product.

The same goes for books or other written content you might want to read. What’s better than a suggestion from a fellow fantasy lover or drama devotee to help you find a new book to crack open or download? That’s exactly how marketing through Facebook groups works; it’s a word-of-mouth, interactive experience that allows people to feel like they’re getting inside information and access, rather than just being fed a marketing pitch. Few methods are more effective – or better suited to the modern consumer!

Still need help with marketing through Facebook groups? Contact the industry experts here at 4 Step Studio | Original Book Cover Designs. We have the knowledge and experience to help you harness the power of today’s most popular social media features to get your content in front of more readers – and boost your sales, too. Don’t let your next book release fall on deaf ears. Let us help you make it an event by spreading the word the way today’s readers want to hear it!

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